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National Disability Insurance Scheme

SNAA is committed to providing the best possible therapy service for your child and family.  Families are able to claim back 100% of their child’s NDIS funding if their child’s plan is:

  • Self managed or

  • Plan managed


SNAA is not a registered NDIS provider, however, Susanne and Jaye, along with all our Therapists are very much dedicated in supporting our families’ ability to navigate such a complex scheme.  It can be incredibly overwhelming for a newly diagnosed family to process all the comes with an ASD diagnosis for their child, let alone knowing how to apply and understand the ‘what to dos’ within the NDIS model. 

SNAA continues to learn and update itself with current knowledge and practice regarding the NDIS where possible. Although we are strong advocates for our families / children in demonstrating what supports and funding is required to maximise the child’s independence, and do what we can to support this process, our supporting documents do not necessary guarantee funding for a child. The NDIS have strict policies, eligibility criteria and guidelines pertaining to which resources, funding and supports each individual child needs.  This information is on the NDIS website. 


SNAA is dedicated in supporting any assessment process required within the NDIS guidelines, in order for your child to:

  • Register for the NDIS

  • Apply for funding

  • Apply for supports / resources such as assistive technology

  • Provide further information to the NDIS where required, about your child’s disability, impact on their function and independence within the home and community environments.

For further information on the reports and letters SNAA is able to provide, including fees, please click here

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