Assessments offered

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Functional Needs Assessment

The purpose of the FNA is to ascertain:

  • A child’s level of participation and function within the home environment and school curriculum
  • Any barriers to the child’s ability to access activities within the home or within the school curriculum
  • The level of supports / resources required to help the team (family, staff and child) achieve
The components of the FNA are as follows:
  • Family meeting
  • Observation of the child within their learning environment at a time where their highest needs / concerns are evident
  • Interview /meeting with the teacher staff
Benefits of the FNA are:
  • Provide service for children and their team who are waiting for ongoing therapy
  • Support diagnostic process with the required functional information
  • Support NDIS access request / review process with the required functional information

Specific skill screening assessment

  • School readiness
  • Fine and or gross motor
  • Sensory processing
  • Self-care
  • Executive functioning
  • Handwriting

NDIS assessment reports

  • Access request / eligibility for your child to become an NDIS participant
  • Review meeting to secure ongoing funding for your child
  • Support an application regarding any appeal process
For additional information regarding how SNAA can support your family to maximise your child’s accessibility into the NDIS and ongoing funding, please click here.

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