Our Approach


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Our uniqueness

It takes a very special person to practice as an SNAA Therapist. We seek therapists that demonstrate their ongoing ability to:

  • Mentor and advocate for your child and your family
  • Support, consider and respect all team members
  • Instill their passion and interest for paediatric and ASD intervention
  • Prioritise your child’s mental health first and foremost
  • Understand the importance of the utmost necessary support within your child’s natural environments
SNAA Therapists are dedicated and hardworking Occupational Therapists.

Our long-term commitment


  • Your family and your child. We are here to support you on this journey as long as required always striving for your child’s independence and contentment.
  • The team surrounding your child especially your child’s educators as we value and appreciate the close working relationships with the schools we work within.
  • Our ongoing continued professional development. Each therapist carries out their own ongoing research, attends professional workshops and courses, and are dedicated to learning and practising evidenced best practice.
  • To ourselves and one another. We are dedicated in not only providing the best possible service to your child and family, but just as importantly, in the support and care of our own staff. Each Therapist has their own mentor / supervisor within the team, coupled with support from senior management to ensure each therapist maximises their professional potential, achieves their own balance and happiness within their lives.
Our therapists take the time to touch base with your child’s team members to ensure therapy remains relevant and practical for all and a ‘nip in the bud’ approach can occur where appropriate.

Our effective communication

Is applied:

  • Within the team during the outreach visits.
  • Throughout our written clinical reports and ongoing in between therapy sessions online
  • Approachable, honest and flexible to suit each team member including your child

We are extremely passionate about supporting and recognising our skilled profession, embracing the opportunity to support new graduates into this field and extending the expertise of our own amazing staff.

Our Therapists' experience

  • AHPRA registered;
  • Registered mental health providers (or working towards registration);
  • Dedicated to ongoing ASD best practice interventions and developmental paediatric experience in assessment and treatment;
  • Have current Working with Children Checks, National Police Checks, Senior First Aid certificates and relevant insurances to work within educational settings;
  • Skilled in multiple evidenced based therapies and will choose the therapeutic technique or combination of techniques that are most suited to each child and parents’ preferences;
  • Adopt a flexible and diplomatic approach when working within your child’s team. Their therapeutic approach takes into consideration where the child’s educators are at, to ensure strategies are realistic and effective to implement within the classroom / school yard / early learning environment;
  • Fun-loving, passionate and nurturing personalities always brought into the therapeutic relationship and practice with your child.